4 Energy Efficient Tips for Older Homes

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Buying or owning an older home has its charm and history, but it also brings its share of extra expenses, particularly when it comes to energy usage. For the owners of older homes, it only make sense to increase the energy efficiency of your properties. Each home is different, and how much you could benefit from a particular project depends on many variables, including the age and design of your home, your financial situation, and your personal priorities.

The best energy efficient upgrades for an older home are the ones that save you the most money!

Here are 4 tips on the best ways to increase your older home’s energy efficiency:


1.) ENERGY AUDIT – Many municipalities and power companies offer energy audits for 

free, but even if there is a cost, getting an audit is well worth it. [ Avoid companies that sell products, such as energy-efficient windows]. The auditor will provide you with a report that will show you different areas and options you can tackle to improve your older home.

2.) SEAL IT UP – Having a home that was sealed perfectly was not a priority when your older house was built. Now with air conditioning and heaters, sealing is a must to conserve energy and save money! If doing it yourself, consult a professional to make sure you did it correctly. Having a professional test stoves, furnaces and water heaters is smart because those appliances can trap exhaust. 

3.) INSULATION, INSULATION – One of the best ways to increase the energy efficiency of an older home is through insulating walls.There were not as many insulating options available when older homes were built, so chances are your home could use an upgrade. The environmentally conscious can choose green insulation made from cotton, wool or recycled cellulose that’s produced without ozone-destroying ingredients that often used in foams.

4.) UPGRADE – Water Heater! A water heater can amount to nearly 20 percent of a homes yearly energy costs. When choosing a new one, choose a natural gas model, which heats for half the cost of electrics. It will pay back its higher purchase price in two years. Or if you stick with your old one, a $20 insulating water heater jacket can reduce costs by 9% and pay back within a year, while a $60 water heater timer pays off within 14 months.

Beyond the benefits of a lower utility bill and being kinder to the environment, increasing the energy efficiency will give you more comfort and enjoyment from your home. Old houses have a special something, so upgrade with love and know you are keeping the charm of your house while bettering it for the future.

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