6 Essential Steps to Sell your House

In the current Real Estate market, many people believe there is only one way to sell a home faster, and that is lowering the price. There are other ways to make your house more attractive to buyers so you can keep the price and spend little out of pocket.

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Remember these tips before you put your house on the market.

  1. SMALL CHANGES – Instead of looking at your kitchen at thinking you need new cabinets, just change or paint the handles and hinges. Think you need a new deck? Rent or borrow a pressure washer and clean your deck, balcony, and driveway. These small, affordable changes can make a big difference in appearance and sway a buyer in your direction.
  2. HOUSE NOT A HOME – Depersonalize your house. Seeing your kid’s toys or drawings on the fridge make it harder for potential buyers to visualize living there. Get rid of, or store, at least 1/3 of your stuff to make the house look bigger and less cluttered. Bonus tip: take at least 50% of your items out of your closet, people love to see closet space, and this makes yours look larger. 
  3. FIRST IMPRESSION – Most people overlook the “curb appeal.” When buyers first set eyes on your house, they make their first pro or con of the house. Make yours a pro! Add brightly colored flowers or inexpensive shrubs. Make sure you do not overlook the mailbox, an updated one gives the impression of a fresh and modern house. 
  4. BRIGHTEN YOUR LIFE – Studies show that most buyers look for a brighter house, so clean those windows, open the curtains and maximize all the natural light you have. After that, change and increase the wattage of those light bulbs and clean or replace the lamp shades. The more light the better.
  5. HIDE THE FURRY FRIENDS – Not everyone loves your pet like you do, so hide the critters when you have a showing. Also, make sure you hide bowls and take out litter boxes and smelly cages. Pet odors are the worst and quickest way to lose buyers. If you have a young or untrained pet, consider steam cleaning the floors before showing.  
  6. GET THE HELP YOU DESERVE – The wrong broker will kill a deal. You need to make sure you find one that is informed and not afraid of technology. Technology is the way of the future and brokers need to know how to help you in the best and fastest way. 


Once you have done these quick and easy steps, you will see an increase of interest. Make sure you take the time to figure out how these steps can be customized to fit your situation and then implement them. 

If you need a Broker to help you with your sale, contact me today! I would be happy to assist you and get the best deal for you. I have more tips and ideas, just for you. 

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Melissa Tucci

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