Cleaning Tips for a Party

Cleaning Tips for a Party ✨


The holidays are here, and if you are hosting, you are cleaning. Having a clean home is always on the to-do list when getting ready to host a party. You can be proud to open your doors to party guests, without being stressed if everything is done if you follow these tips.


Ideally, you will have scheduled plenty of time to clean all the nooks and crannies, organize clutter, and scrub each room until it’s gleaming. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always present you with ideal situations.

Here are some tips for days before the party (and good housekeeping tips in general).

  • Do the dishes (and don’t forget the sink)



Keeping up on dishes will save you heartache and precious time you could be using on more important party details. Also, the sink should always be cleaned after dishes to avoid a big mess later or smells.



  • Focus on your fixtures

Dust and germs are everywhere. You want to focus on the details so when the party day comes you don’t have to worry about it.

  • Laundry

Get those hand towels, couch blankets, and linens all cleaned up and smelling good. If you plan on having guests stay after the party then make sure you have all your linens cleaned and readily accessible.

  • Fridge

Fridge and freezer space is a must for a party. So take the time to get rid of anything old and wipe down the fridge so people can grab drinks with ease or you can have enough space for all your delicious food.

Divide the work into tasks that can be completed in small chunks of time throughout the week preceding the party to reduce the stress of party preparations. Give each day a cleaning theme, and finish that day’s tasks in an hour or less. 



Now when it is the day of the party and it is crunch time, do these tasks

  • Start at the front door:

It’s the first thing guests will see. Make a good first impression in just minutes.

– Sweeping away dust and debris immediately freshens the space. Get those cobwebs, wipe the door, and make sure those windows are clear.

  • Banish the clutter:

Clear spaces and open tabletops will help guests see you as organized and ready to entertain.

– Anywhere that serves as party space, living room, dining room, kitchen and bathrooms, clear that clutter!

  • Talking about bathrooms:

Guests can judge you by the cleanliness of your bathroom. Make sure you wipe everything down, add toilet cleaner to the toilet and freshen up the space.

  • Kitchen time:

Your kitchen and living area will be buzzing with activity. Put a shine on the areas where guests will linger. 

– Wipe down after you cook, make sure those dishes are done and everything is perfect and in order for your guests.

  • Trashes:

Lastly, empty those trash containers for a quick way to make everything look fresher. And then sprints the air with some air freshener.


Stage the party area. Make sure all decor is just right and maybe light a scented candle or two. Get ready and enjoy the sparse moments before the party begins and your hostess persona is in full swing.

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