Four Fun and Easy Weekend Projects


The days are shorter, making the weekends shorter, but you can still get stuff done – especially if you have some time off for all the holidays.

So if you’re looking for a productive way to combat the winter blues, making some easy improvements to your home might be the best thing you do. I mean a cold and rainy winter weekend is the perfect time to tackle an indoor project (as long as you can coax yourself away from your warm blanket and Netflix).



Painting is one of the easiest and best-known ways to spruce up your space. Adding a pop of color to one wall in the room or redoing the whole space can really make a difference. Winter is the best time to paint since the paint will dry quicker and you won’t get too sweaty and tired from the summer sun.

Seriously, paint is the best DIY renovation because it doesn’t cost a lot of money, it doesn’t require any special skills, and it can be accomplished in as little as a day, depending on the size of your room.





Maybe you don’t have a backsplash in your kitchen, or maybe you’ve been putting off replacing your existing one. Either way, updating your backsplash is a project easily done on the weekend. Also, if you rent and you can’t install permanent decor, pick up some peel-and-stick tile to add temporary, removable, flair to your backsplash.

Another super easy way to change the look of your kitchen is by swapping out the hardware. Cabinet and drawer knobs are available in thousands of styles, ranging from simple wood and metal to more ornate crystal. You’re really only limited by your imagination and budget.



Closets get denied all the time. You can close the door and forget about them until the next outfit change. It is a lot easier to work on a mundane indoor like closets when the weather outside is frightful. You really don’t even have to change out of your pajamas for this one, either. Once you have everything organized, it’s much easier to put everything back in its place later down the road. Plus added bonus of making room for new potential Christmas gifts. #Treatyoself



The bathroom can be easily forgotten too. These long weekends are a perfect time to spruce them up. Upgrade that showerhead! Over time, showerheads become grungy and gross. If yours is overdue for an upgrade, spend some time this weekend swapping out your old showerhead for a new, low-flow model. Not only will you take the ick factor out of your shower, but you’ll also save on your water bill.

If you have room in your budget for a more dramatic face-lift, install a new vanity or chandelier or updated lighting over the mirror.



The best part about these weekend projects is you have something to show off when you host for the holidays! Plus, when spring and summer come around you don’t have as much to do!

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