Home Buying Tips For Newlyweds


It is wedding season! Are you getting married? Just got married? Well, first Congratulations!

Now you probably want to begin the next steps in this new chapter of your lives. Buying a home to start this new life is probably next on your list. Now, where to get started is the common question, but scary words like escrow and debt to income ratio scare first-time buyers.

That is why I am here, I want to take the away some of your fear and get you started in this process.

Here are a few tips to begin your new adventure. 

1.  Financial Preparation – This is the actual “first step” for any home buying process, and you should contact your bank to find out what you qualify for, but first….

2. Know what you want – Newlyweds already have the whole world ahead of them and so many things to think about and decide, and one of them is what they want. Are you ready to set down some roots? Communication is key in this step. Both your spouse and you need to be on the same page and know what you want before you begin the actual process. For instance, is this where you plan on having and raising your children? Do you need a big office for work? What about a big garage for your toys? These are all things you need to think about before continuing.

3. Know where you want – When you decide on what you want, then you need to decide where. Did you grow up in different states? Which state do you choose? Does the wife have a job in San Marcos, but the husband in Chula Vista? The location is key to planning your future together. Do you want a coffee shop walking distance away or at least an acre between your neighbor and yourself? Talk about what you want and where you see yourselves living in 5 years, and is it the same place?

4. Find a trusted Realtor – Now is the time for the professional. Do you know what you want and what general neighborhood you would prefer? Instead of calling the selling agent’s number on the listing, contact a Buying Agent. A buying agent is working for you, not the seller, and they want to find you the best deal. 

5. Calculate – Now that you have actually started the process, remember what you can actually afford. A bank might approve you for more than you can actually afford, and the first thing to remember is that you need to be able to pay this mortgage and live a modestly comfortable life at the same time. Don’t forget down payments, closing fees, property taxes and more. It’s smart to know what you can afford and then figuring out the steps to get what you both want.

If you are ready to find a realtor, contact me today! I will help you find the right home to fit your new life together. 

I have many listings, and they are constantly updating. Check out my listings under the listings tab above.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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