Neighborhood Spotlight: Talmadge to Grantville: What is new?

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Neighborhood Spotlight:

Talmadge to Grantville: What is new?



     These areas of San Diego are not often talked about when North Park and Hillcrest are such close neighbors, but I am here to share some secrets of this region.

First, did you know Talmadge is named after three Hollywood movie stars, Norma, Natalie and Constance Talmadge? This historic neighborhood is in the heart of the San Diego community! 

     From Talmadge to Grantville, they Respect the vitality and livelihood of locally owned and operated businesses while promoting the expansion of new business opportunities.


Let’s take a look at some of the local businesses:


The San Diego Poke Company – San Diego is in the midst of a Poke BOOM and this Grantville restaurant is stepping up to the plate.


Grotto Climbing – Get up and get active at one of San Diego’s premier indoor climbing and yoga studios in Grantville. 


The Blue Guitar – Music lovers of Grantville rejoice. This little shop is a piece of San Diego History, opening in 1961, they do everything from retail to lessons. 


Talmadge is urban with tranquil canyons, birds singing and is very pet-friendly.


Besides its well-maintained homes, Talmadge and the College area also offer some great local favorites. There are so many events and restaurants to go to and try, but I chose a few to spotlight the community. 



Living Room Coffeehouse –  A unique setting catered to students and business people on the go or wanting to curl up on one of their comfy chairs.


Sweet Cheeks Baking – This raved about bakery is right in your backyard. Check out their unique baked designs. 


Ward Canyon Park – This nearby park offers leashed and off leash sections for your furry best friends and has movie nights in the park during Summer!



Now you know of some of the things these small neighborhoods have to offer! When looking to get a home in the area, know that you will have a close-knit community that is only going to continue to grow in the best possible direction. Look for more to come from them, they have big plans for the future. 

Want to make that community your future?

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