Simple Spring Organizing & Cleaning


Well, it is that time of year again…  Every year when Spring Cleaning time rolls around, we think that this year will be different and we can do it all! It is a daunting task to clean and organize your whole house. Not to mention there is the garage, attic, basement, shed, backyard and more for some people!

This Spring Cleaning thing can be simple. Break down by area of the house and add five tasks for each room. If you can hit one room each weekend for the next few months, you can easily complete your list before spring ends.

Five tasks per weekend? You are probably thinking, ‘that I can handle!’ You can focus on the areas in your house that really need the most attention. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Now here are a few tips, tricks and organization hacks I have for you.

  • Make a list
  • Create a fun soundtrack
  • One room at a time
  • Don’t get distracted by memories/photos
  • Be patient

Wherever you decide to start first, whether it is the junk drawer, linen closet, child’s closet, TAKE EVERYTHING OUT! That is right, pull every little thing out! You might be surprised by what’s lurking behind that mountain of towels, old purses, and toys. Prepare for some surprises. But remember, you will reclaim your linen closet or junk drawer for what their original purpose.

Adding on to that, don’t store more than you need. You don’t need 12 rolls of scotch tape or 7 different kinds of lotions, and you know that Elmo hasn’t seen the light of day for a year at least. Purge!

I keep saying you, you, you, but you have a family, and why do you have a family other than to put them to work and help clean! Make it fun for everyone. Promise a trip or short vacation from the money you make from selling old things or find while cleaning. Or make a deal, get rid of 5 items and I will get you 1 new one. There are many ways to make it fun!

For the most part, having something to look forward to at the end of a long day of cleaning sure makes things go faster. Plus, you worked hard and deserve it. Treat yourself and your family!





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