Six Secret San Diego Spots

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Thinking of buying in San Diego? Here is a short list of some of San Diego’s best kept secret spots. , Have you lived in San Diego long enough to know all of its secrets? Let’s see how many you know of then! 

Hidden Message in the Sand: Did you know there is a phrase you can see from the sky on one of San Diego’s most iconic beaches? That’s right! Creatively sculpted mounds, covered with sand and sowed with ice plant is along Coronado Beach! If you’ve ever walked along the beach near Hotel del Coronado, you have probably noticed these sandy heaps but never thought much about them.

Ghost of Presidio Park: When we hear ghost we think of a man or woman haunting their old house. Well, in this case, the ghost was haunting their house, their house was just a park and they were a deer instead of a human. The Zoo had a deer escapee decades ago who made a home in Presidio Park. When it met an unfortunate end it decided to stay around and haunt its home. If you go to the right spot in the park, you’ll find a plaque and a water bowl for the ghost deer to this day.

Artistic Musical Bridge: The railing that separates the sidewalk from the bridge, on 25th Street over Highway 94 traffic, hides 488 chimes. This 2003 public art piece made by Roman de Salvo boasts the tune “Crab Carillon.”

Secret Sea Cave: There is a secret sea cave in Cabrillo National Monument! This cave is a beautifully kept secret of San Diego. Only accessible at low tide and featuring solitude mixed with a visual treat from the fantastic colors present in the sedimentary rocks. This hike’s not for the faint hearted, it is a bit of a treck along the edge of these iconic cliffs and has a skip over a narrow opening.

Time Travel to the Roaring 20s: That’s right! You can travel to a secret prohibition type lounge, reserved for only those who know the password! Beneath Carlsbad’s The Land & Water Co. is The Charles Kenneth, an underground craft cocktail lounge. You will find it behind a nondescript door adjacent to a dumpster. Aside from their secret location, they also have strict rules, no hats, and no flash photography. The furniture from the 1920s isn’t the only outdated aspect either, they recommend ordering the Bartender’s Choice, a cocktail tailored to your likes and dislikes. To try this speakeasy, find and follow them on Instagram for the daily password. 

Best Front Yard in San Diego: Harper’s Topiary Garden, or better known as where “Edna Scissorhands” resides, has more than 50 shrubs in the front yard. From figures as diverse as elephants and snakes, to surfers. The private garden has drawn admiring neighbors for more than two decades thanks to its creative landscaping. It isn’t a huge secret, but it is an excuse to drive around iconic and beautiful Mission Hills. 

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-Melissa Tucci

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