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Well, as we all know, Hiring the right real estate agent should be first on every home sale to-do list!

With your agent’s knowledge of what buyers want and what features are helping homes sell in your area, your home will sell for the best possible price—if you follow their advice.

Selling your home is going take some work, but just because it will take effort does not mean it needs to be any harder than necessary. By being smart about how you use your time and energy, you can smooth the way for a sale that satisfies your goals and lets you realize the full potential of your property.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR), showed that people selling their houses today are holding strong on price. According to the most recent data, 74% of real estate agents noted that sellers are not dropping listing prices to attract more buyers. As I stated in my Covid Vs. Real Estate Interview.

NAR, noted: 

“The housing market faced an inventory shortage before the pandemic. Given that there are even fewer new listings during the pandemic, home sellers are taking a calm approach and appear unwilling to lower prices to attract buyers during the temporary disruptions to the economy.”

This inventory shortage, which spread widely throughout the housing market going into today’s economic slowdown, created an environment where there were not enough homes for sale for those who wanted to buy them. With that backdrop setting the stage, NAR also notes:

“With the current quarantine recommendations in place, fewer sellers are listing homes, which will limit buyer choices.”



So, with buyer choices already limited going into this season, and more sellers removing listings today, if you’ve been thinking about listing your house, it’s a great time to do so. Many others in your neighborhood may be waiting to make a move or removing their listings, so staying on the market could work to your advantage.

Successfully sell your home by:

  1. Hiring a pro
  2. Know your local market
  3. Get an inspection done in advance
  4. Depersonalize/Declutter
  5. Go Digital! Especially in today’s world, you need a virtual presence.
  6. Look at the whole offer, not just the offer price

Once you’ve made the decision to sell, giving the effort your full attention should help you get the process over more quickly and with more satisfying results.

If buyer choices are limited in your neighborhood, selling now may help your listing rise to the top.


Contact me today to make sure you have the expert help you need to succeed in the selling process.

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