Talk with Richard Muscio on being the Official Realtor Of The San Diego Padres



I was lucky to meet with Richard Muscio, It’s Your Businesson 96.1 FM/1170 AM a couple of days ago. We discuss my personal background and then the evolution of the Real Estate industry and the San Diego real estate market.


Here is a brief overview of our radio show. Listen to the whole thing here.


I am originally from Chicago, IL where all family still reside, but they can have their -30-degree weather. I moved out to San Diego for the weather, after graduating from Indiana University. I came here with no job, ventured in journalism and then started from the bottom in real estate. Started with the yellow pages, Union-Tribune, San Diego Reader, local newspapers and magazines such as Dream Homes and Premier Agent. Now I utilize social media and sites such as Zillow, watching to see how their algorithms work.

You have the shift and change and try new things out in order to grow. Real Estate is a way of life. Being people driven versus monetary driven is the key to being successful. If you provide the value, the money will come. I genuinely love what I do. As cheesy as it sounds, making people’s dreams come true is why I do what I do.



I live here in San Diego with my husband and 3 daughters (18, 12 and 9). I own my own office in the University Heights area and I am building a commercial space in the area as well. I have been a broker for over 14 years and continue to learn and grow. I am not 100% work, I really enjoy being outside, running and of course, baseball.

I am the Official Realtor of the San Diego Padres. 

This means I am the only real estate agent they endorse. It is a great affiliation with so many perks. Being the only real estate agent ever to be endorsed has been a huge honor for the past 5 years. I am a big baseball fan and my children love baseball. Yes, I have helped Padres players find rentals and great homes. They support me and I support them, it is a great partnership. We are all hoping for a great season.

The San Diego Padres are not the only partnership I have, I am one of the partners on the show, The American Dream. I am so proud to be a part of this show because of many reasons. This show isn’t just self-promotion and marketing, it is about empowering, financing, neighborhood events, community and of course real estate news and info. Now it is growing to a global reach and can be watched on multiple streaming services, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon and more.

On the remaining of the radio show, we discuss the market in San Diego. I predict it to go up maybe 2-4% for some and stabilized in other areas. The interest rates should stay stable, so there shouldn’t worry about that. Don’t believe you need to lower your home price just because it has been on the market for a while. Also, we discuss how getting money to buy a home can slow down the process, so getting pre-qualified is a must to make a quick buy/sell. Timing is everything. Then we finish up talking about income tax and home ownership.

Listen to the whole thing here:



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