Tips for a Bug-Free Home


Summer is a great time with plenty of sunshine, picnics, and gardening. But, on the other hand, it’s also the season when more flies and other insects enter the home, which can be incredibly annoying.

The ‘warmth’ of the time accelerates their life cycle, making their population increase. Because of their activities, they tend to be more problematic for homeowners during the summer periods.

As these summer insects invade your home, they’re likely in search of food, water, shelter, or have encountered an entrance. To pest-proof your home this summer, it’s best to remove their ‘WHY’ or reason for entering your home.

Imagine you find a comfortable, spacious home with great food and lots of it — all of it free for the taking. You’d jump at the chance to move in, right?

That’s what ants or other various bugs do when they find your home.

There are many natural or chemical free ways to get rid of bugs. Have you heard of any of them? What are your favorites?

Ants can be deterred by sprinkling a narrow, unbroken trail of cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt or baby powder across their path. Or draw a line with chalk. It is also said Ants dislike the strong odors of certain herbs, so try placing pots of mint, pennyroyal, rue, or tansy—or dried bunches of these herbs—near trouble spots. You can also frequently wipe down windowsills with oil of cloves or eucalyptus oil.



Great Tip: Sometimes, pests come home with you from the shops, so keep food in your pantry safe by storing it in pest-proof containers.

Make sure to wipe up spills immediately and don’t leave uncovered food on kitchen counters. Plus, clean the oven regularly after using it. These will help with various bugs and critters.

Do some home maintenance:

  • Caulk around window frames, plumbing pipes, dryer vents and air conditioning units
  • Repair gaps in siding and cracks in mortar
  • Install door sweeps at thresholds
  • Use fine mesh screens in windows


Here are some tips geared towards specific bugs from the one and only Martha Stewart:


Especially in warmer weather, keeping food covered (with mesh domes, for example), or running an electric fan can help keep these bugs out of your home.


Many species of ants are beneficial, as they eat other, more harmful insects, such as fleas and bedbugs. The problem with ants is largely a matter of comfort; they’re not likely to cause disease. When ants invade a house, they are generally just looking for food. That said, ensuring your home is swept clean of any crumbs and food residue can help keep these pests away.

Spider Mites

A common problem for both indoor and outdoor plants, especially when plants are stressed from heat and dehydration, these tiny members of the arachnid family can often be nixed with the help of gentle insecticidal soaps.


They love swampy air and humid weather. They can carry diseases, including West Nile virus, so it’s best to take measures to keep them away. Eliminating standing water and cutting tall grass are the most effective preventative measures.

Fruit Flies

Like other flies, fruit flies develop from larvae, and fruit-fly larvae must have moist, fermenting organic matter in order to survive. Therefore, the best protection is to throw away spoiled produce and unclog drains. Creating a DIY trap of balsamic or apple cider vinegar and water can also help.



Keeping your home clean should be a daily practice.

However, this is not an easy feat for everyone. Some days the house will be messy and that’s understandable, especially if you have kids.

To lighten the load, it’s important to keep your things organized. Organization is key to success and keeping things tidy. If there is a place for it, then it is easy to clean.

If you don’t have a lot of hours to spend on house cleaning, hire a maid. If that’s also too much, you can take cleaning in small stages.

For example: Could you put back items in their respective areas after using? Could you wash the dishes immediately after eating? Is it possible to spend at least 10 minutes daily organizing and disinfecting specific areas of the home, like your bathroom?

It’s not easy to maintain a household, but if you are to create a bug proof house, it’s important.

When you practice proper sanitation at home, you’ll be keeping insects such as cockroaches, ants, flies, and others at bay.


Good luck this summer! May it be bug-free!

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