Tips for Packing while Selling Your Home


When you need to keep packing while you are selling you home, what do you do? You need to have a spotless home to impress buyers, you want to ‘stage’ it with your stuff to make it feel homey and have them envision their stuff fitting in the same areas. So again, what do you do?


“To pack or not to pack, that is the question…”


You are selling your old home, you are buying a new one. You need to pack, but also keep your home spotless for those showings. Do you start that big clean out purge or wait?

So based off of my personal experience, it is a bit of both. Do not start piling stuff that you are getting rid of near the front door, but also don’t go through things and wait until the last possible second.

Here are some tips for packing while trying to sell your home:

First, get organized

You will want to start a ‘Master List.’ This list will break down each room and each box, I know you are probably thinking, “this lady is crazy,” but seriously you will thank me. It is not that much work to just mark a box ‘Kitchen 1’ and then on your clipboard write, ‘Kitchen 1-grandma’s china, dish towel.’ Your home may take longer to sell or you could have the sudden need for more dish towels, and guess what, you know where they are. Plus this makes unpacking easier too.



Start Small

Pick a small area to conquer and start there. Just say I am going to do the junk drawer and then just focus on cleaning that out and throwing out and cleaning as you go. Don’t get distracted by the batteries you found in there that lead to the hall closet that leads to folding and putting away towels. See how you can snowball? Avoid!


Start with 2 piles first – the absolutely must keep pile and the definitely will toss pile. Then begin to evaluate everything in the middle and organize accordingly.

TIP: Begin your projects in the early evening, late enough to be after showings but early enough to have time to complete the project of your choice that day.


To quote Designthusiasm, “Be ruthless in your assessment of the items. Is it worth the effort to pack up, move and unpack again?”

Avoid Distractions

Try to turn your electronics on do not disturb, if you only have a block of time to dedicate to your cleaning/packing project, then avoid the tv too. If you are packing up pictures, books, memories, don’t start going through and reading and reminiscing, you are on the clock! Save those projects for when you have the time or enjoy the unpacking process.



Hopefully, these tips help you! Have any tips you want to add? Comment below and share or contact me now 🙂


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