Tips For Small Space Living


Whether you are renting or you found the perfect cottage like home by the beach, small square footage can be a dilemma when it comes to storage and looks. It is hard to find a home for your everyday must-haves, let alone bulky or off-season items like winter gear, pool toys, and holiday decorations. There’s an organizational hack to help you store just about anything! Creativity is key!


“The greatest wealth is to live content with little.”


Just because your space is small, doesn’t mean you can’t do a lot with it! Here are some clever storage and design tricks for your small space.


First and foremost, THOU SHALL DECLUTTER!


Especially in a small space, clutter can completely take over and make your home feel even smaller than it already is. Get it under control and take back your space, no excuses! *Staying organized is also key. Don’t declutter one week and start a pile of mail or mess up your junk drawer the next week.




Vertical space above your furniture or even doors can be cleverly used for built in shelves. These shelves can hold various objects, from books to anything not used on a daily basis. Like I stated before, get creative!




Have a collection of things you just can’t get rid of? Holiday decorations, photo albums, or crafting supplies? Those strategically placed shelves are your storage life saver when seeking space for infrequently used items, but there’s often a wealth of unused space above and behind your hung clothing in a bedroom and hallway closets. While shelves in these locations may require a footstool or flashlight to access, it won’t matter if you only need the items a few times a year.




You could have a shelf in your room or living room that doubles as a table or a desk. Double duty means it is practical and usable for multiple things, taking away the need to have a dining room table or an extra desk just to get things done. Shelves are also great bedside tables, make them easily accessible and add a light, boom! Or you could put a long skinny table behind your couch. This could utilize that empty space and add an area to keep your drinks and knick knacks, taking away the need for a coffee table or side tables. Use your imagination when it comes to designing your small space.


Wall Storage, Large Mirrors, Creative Organizers and more will help bring your small square footage into a livable, manageable home.

Here’ s the truth though: no matter how perfectly designed your tiny home is, you still need to get out and about to avoid cabin fever. Having a great backyard or outdoor space helps, or make a point to actually use all the great places available to you like public parks, the library, coffee shops or any place where you can camp out and get a change of scenery for a few hours.

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