Affordable Home Makeovers


With all this time spent at home, the itch for a fresh, new space becomes hard to avoid. But if this doesn’t seem like the right moment to hire a professional interior designer for a full decor reboot, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck with looking at an unattractive space. It is true that home repair and renovation can be expensive, but there are also some cool things you can do on the cheap

In fact, you can give your home a total makeover—without buying a darned thing.

I have compiled a list of cheap and free home renovation projects and ideas that are sure to fit your budget.

There is now no excuse for not having the home of your dreams.


Ready to get started on your completely free home refresh?


Top FREE Ways to Update Your Home

  • Declutter
    • No better way to update your space than to declutter it. Take away all the clutter and you miss be happy enough with your clean space that you don’t need to spend a dime to update anything.
  • Deep Clean
    • It is crazy how much a deep cleaned bathroom or kitchen will change your perspective on a room. Who knew the counters could shine like that?!
  • Touch up Paint
  • Rearrange Furniture

  • Hide Unsightly Cords
  • Open up the Space
    • Let that light in!
  • Add Some Green
    • House Plants are a fun and easy way to add a new look to your space, just bringing greenery in from outside can be a free room update.

  • Swap Decor
    • Move pictures around, take that clock and put it on the mantel and move the vase to the dining room, it’s free and easy and changes things enough.


Top Cheap Ways to Update Your Home


  • Cruise Flea Markets 
    • And garage sales are great for furniture, and so much more. Don’t be afraid to offer a lower price than what’s asked–most of the time, sellers expect that.
  • Invest in New Coverings
    • Updating a slipcover or duvet cover can change a whole room without forcing you to buy entirely new things.  On a smaller scale, you can add texture and color with a happy rug and a new pillow pattern.
  • Add a Faux Island 
    • Stand-alone tables or cabinets can be a cost-friendly feature for an island-less kitchen.
  • Add Color to your Ceiling


  • Wallpaper an Accent Wall
    • Wallpaper has become easier to tackle, even for a beginning DIYer, which makes it a great project for a home renovation on a budget
  • Swap out Hardware
    • Pick different styles from the same family (say, long pulls for drawers and small knobs for doors) or mix and match different finishes for a more eclectic look.
  • Change Light Fixtures
    • Changing just the mail light fixture can update a whole room super easy. Find something that stands out but fits your style.



There are so many ways to update and change around your home without breaking the bank. What have you done to rejuvenate your home?


Here are some fun and easy projects you can do over the weekend or tips on how to make your living are more spacious.


Contact me today if you are ready to update your space and sell your home!




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